Poem of the Week: “Letter to my Daughter”

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I never knew you would be, til you was
Plans for me, become us, once I saw the plus
And so for nine months
My mission was to transition for my little addition
Multiplied my income, minused my affliction
Balancing my confliction with your life as my conviction
Sometimes the pain and fear forced me into submission
Your father was present, but the husband was missing
No complicated math, just a simple division
2 hearts, 2 minds, but still the same vision
To help guide you into the woman God meant you to be
See He already knows your journey, it’s just a blessing we get to see…
I’m not worthy…
This trip I’m presented to travel
Marvel at the process of watching a rose unravel
You truly grew from concrete…
Listening to your heart beat made mine skip three
Realizing I’m responsible for this little life inside me…
Still you guided me..
one day I’ll become the teacher
But for now I’m learning from you
Taught me patience, something I never had with a few
But I’m selfish, I wish I could be your only view
I’m so scared on what outside influences will have on you
This world is so ugly and your so beautiful
I feel I taint you even with driving you thru the bull
I remember covering ya eyes on that first drive
And hating everything we drove by
Like damn my dude, it’s just about high noon
But you already lit on the Main strip and you high too
All I could think is “she getting home schooled”
I wish i could protect you from the world too
But protecting you will only hurt you
And that’s the opposite of what im trying to do
So beautiful, here’s how it has to go
As you grow, just know mommy loves u, that’s a given
But listen, this life mess ain’t easy
Believe me, there’s life lessons I cant teach
See, you have to learn some things on ur own
Sometimes it may feel like it’s not worth it
But please….. be strong
Hang in there it wont be long
Before you see the sun come over the horizon
And make sure you reach for gold in every single silver lining
Give thanks to your blessings every single time and
Know no matter what, mommy will never leave you behind
I got your back, front and your sides
And believe these claws will come out if someone ever tries it
You are my priceless gem
My red diamond
People risk their lives just to find the caves you hide in
I’m so blessed that you’re mine
And you name brings me peace of mind every single time
Selah Amirah
You are truly my princess that I reflect upon
That’s what your name is based on

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